Job Vacancies

Match you with a vacancy that best suits your skills

Send your CV to all suitable vacancies

Make the initial contact with a suitable employer on your behalf

Arrange interviews

Provide work permits application forms

Provide tax forms, tax code declaration applications, tax number applications

Actively search for well matched job seekers

Advertise positions on the website free of charge

Refer suitable candidates

Arrange interviews

Assist with necessary paperwork

Provision of benefit forms for support by Work and Income New Zealand

Providing a venue for government agents to meet with you

Making appointments on your behalf

Advising a government agent to contact you

Direction to the government departments that can best help with your situation

Assistance in referring you for benefit support

Providing application forms for various benefits

Liaising with a case manager to fast track any procedure

Assistance in completing forms

Providing support and advice on employment related problems

This is a free service..

Our office has one full time staff member and a number of experienced volunteer staff, who all enjoy catering to the demands of clients.

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