Community, Family & Youth Worker


Dale Wairau
Fiordland Community
Community, Family & Youth Worker - Te Anau Basin
Phone/Text 027 266 1986

My role in the Community is broad and varied.
If there is a need that I can see or is bought to my attention, I will do my best to advocate, co-ordinate or facilitate any activity to fulfill the individual, family or community need. I am able to do this by connecting with resources, people/groups or individuals within our community or by drawing on a wide range of contacts and resources from outside our community to bring them in to strengthen the needs of our people.

Under the banner of Community, Family & Youth Worker I run

Community Programmes
• Multi-Nations Connect Group
• Supervise Probation
• Rock Climbers - Primary School -Value base Programme
• Community Champions Facilitator
• Chaplancy-Sports and Secondary Schools
• REAP Community Events.
• Fiordland/ Southland Interagency

Family Programmes
• Father & Son Workshops
• Parenting
• Male Group
• Counselling Referrals
• Time out

Youth Programmes
• Youth Group
• Young Adults Group
• Coach- Sports
• Holiday Programmes

I believe the foundation for a healthy Community is strong individuals working together with mutual Respect & Aroha.
Mason Durie Whare Tapu Wha health model
Taha Hinengaro /Mental Health- Inseparability of mind and body;expressing thoughts and feelings
Taha Whanau/ Extended Family Health- Wider social systems; belonging, sharing and caring
Taha Tinana/Physcical Health-Good physical Health
Taha Wairua/ Spritual Health- Unseen and spoken energies; faith and spiritual awareness

Encompasses all aspects of healthy individuals and Community, it is a great foundation to work from and build on.

Dale is friendly, approachable and a listening ear.

All contacts with Dale will be assured to be safe and confidential.

Feel free to contact Dale or pop in for a hot brew.

Email Dale to make a booking