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Regular Users

Please contact us if you would like to book an office for a meeting place.

Wendy from Autism Southland meet on the 4th Tuesday of February, May, August & November between 1-2pm at the Fiordland Community House, 21 Luxmore Drive,
Te Anau.

If there are any resources you would like her to bring up please let her know.

Wendy Jenkins - 03 218 2420 or
We have meetings here at the Community House on the 4th Tuesday of February, May, August & November between 11am - 1pm.

Support services travel from Invercargill and along with local support services meet to discuss ways of supporting our community.
They travel from Invercargill on the second Tuesday of each month with prior bookings.

If you would like an appointment please phone Vicki on 249 7754.

Jo-Anne Johns– NZ registered Midwife
Midwifery care is FREE if you are eligible…

Check here:
I also recommend you go to
If you are not eligible, please enquire for a quote

Pre pregnancy consultation – Blood test, prescription for folic acid & iodine and health advice
Pregnancy confirmation – early pregnancy confirmation and care is advised for an optimal start to your pregnancy
Ante natal care – regular checks to monitor health of mother and baby
Labour and Birth care – Homebirth and Rural birth unit
(Southland hospital – under some circumstances)
Post natal care – In home post-natal care up to 4-6 weeks
Referral to other services as indicated – sonographers, obstetric doctors, paediatric doctors, physiotherapists, well-child provider, maternal mental health, GPs and more if required.

Choosing a Lead Maternity Carer is an important decision so, I suggest you go to and search the profiles of midwives in our area.
CONTACT ME: 03249-4177 or 027 291 8085;

Jubilee Budget Services will come to Te Anau on the 1st Wednesday of each month with prior bookings.

Phone Vicki on 249 7754 to make an appointment for any other inquiries
phone 03 214 0942 or 0800 JUBILEE.
We are here to help you cope with issues of loss and grief.
We come up from Invercargill once a month and visit clients either at their homes or at the Fiordland Community House, this is a free service.
Dates for 2019 so far are:
January 28-29th
February 25-26th
March 25-26th
April 29-30th
May 27-28th
For further information phone Caroline 027 443 8788.
Southern Stop Smoking come up from Invercargill once a month to visits clients either in their homes or at the Fiordland Community House.

This is a free service.

For further information contact Debbie on 027 442 3624.
They will travel from Invercargill with prior bookings.

You can contact them on 03 218 2420 or 0800 55 0800
Here at Fiordland Community House there is a Falls Prevention Programme for Men & Women run by Age Concern's local women.

It is simple leg strength and balance exercises programme.

We meet on the following days:

Phone: Ilene 249 7344 or Shirley 249 9269 - Monday 10-11am

Phone: Pam 249 7173 - Wednesday 10.30 - 11.30am

Phone: Shirley 249 9269 - Friday 10am - 11am

There is a small charge of $1 per session.

If you have any queries please phone the contacts above.
We meet here at the Fiordland Community House every Tuesday night from 7.30pm - 9pm.

Our contact person is Pam Halford 249-7173

If you have any queries feel free to contact Pam